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January 2014

How to connect to a virtual machine

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Use the following steps to join the virtual machine.

0) Required items

  1. Phone – This workshop will require you to use your keyboard and mouse throughout. Please use a phone configuration that allows you to keep your hands free.
  2. Headphones – During the narrated tutorials, audio will come out through your speakers. Just so it does feed into your phone’s microphone please use headphones or mute your microphone during the conference.
  3. Laptop or Workstation – Your web browser should have a compatible web browser. It is through the web browser you will connect to a virtual machine and join the workshop. See Step 1 below to begin.

1) Make sure you have one of the following web browsers:


A full list of supported web browsers is located here.

2) Go to:



3) Click on VMware Horizon HTML Access


4) Type in your username and password (note this is provided separately)


5) Click on this icon to finish connecting to the virtual machine*


6) You will know you have successfully logged into the Virtual Machine once you can interact with a new desktop in your web browser**



7) Open MSC Apex, if you get to this step, you can successfully continue your Online Workshop**



8) On the day of the workshop, use the ‘I Will Call In’ option and the displayed phone information to phone in



*Important: In the one hour before the Online Workshop, a separate WebEx session will be hosted at this link . Please join this optional WebEx session for assistance on connecting to the Virtual Machine. The WebEx session will be hosted by me, Christian Aparicio. Contact information is provided at the end of this post.

**If you try 2-3 times and see this message, “Disconnected – You have been disconnected. Attempting to reconnect…,” an issue with the network is preventing you from connecting and you cannot join the Online Workshop. If you have any other connection issue, the Virtual Machine cannot be accessed by your network. Please contact us to reschedule. My contact information is available at the end of this post.