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August 2014

New Methods to Update Finite Element Meshes Rapidly

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This presentation discusses modern methods to update existing FEM models significantly faster than before. The methods discussed are applicable to thin structures that can be readilyrepresented as shell FE meshes. The specialized meshing capabilities of MSC Apex will be highlighted and demonstrated on a sample part.

A finite element mesh may be mo2015-06-17_10-23-16dified dozens of time throughout its life. If performing a detailed stress analysis, the addition or modification of the smallest detail will require substantial remeshing. For loads groups, the detailed FEM model will be simplified significantly. If a repair of a part after its in service is being considered, the original FE mesh has to be updated to reflect the revised design. In a majority of cases, every additional change to the FEM requires substantially more time and work to edit and mesh geometry. Considering the need to deliver FEA results in a timely manner, quick methods to update FE meshes are necessary.

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