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April 2015

How long does it take you to create mid-surface models or clean up geometry for FEA?

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The process of creating dozens of mid-surfaces from solid geometry, connecting the surfaces, meshing, and attributing thickness and offset properties is a very time consuming process. This process is also very common when taking advantage of Finite Element Analysis for structural analysis. We have developed new technology to expedite this workflow. Below is a quick demonstration. For more information, please visit

MSC Apex Direct Modeling and Meshing Tactics & Tips

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The Direct Modeling and Meshing methods in MSC Apex can expedite the geometry modification and meshing workflow. Like any new tool, if not properly used, it is still possible to generate problem geometry or arrive at situations where substantial rework to the geometry is needed before moving to a mesh. In order for new tools to be used effectively, best practices must be known.

This webinar will go through a few examples that highlight tool usage techniques and options plus model tactics to improve your workflow efficiency. Often seeing a 5 second example can save you another few minutes of work.

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