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June 2015

New Methods to Update Finite Element Meshes Rapidly

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This presentation discusses modern methods to update existing FEM models significantly faster than before. The methods discussed are applicable to thin structures that can be readily represented as shell FE meshes. The specialized meshing capabilities of MSC Apex will be highlighted and demonstrated on a sample part.

A finite element mesh may be modified dozens of time throughout its life. If performing a detailed stress analysis, the addition or modification of the smallest detail will require substantial remeshing. For loads groups, the detailed FEM model will be simplified significantly. If a repair of a part after its in service is being considered, the original FE mesh has to be updated to reflect the revised design. In a majority of cases, every additional change to the FEM requires substantially more time and work to edit and mesh geometry. Considering the need to deliver FEA results in a timely manner, quick methods to update FE meshes are necessary.

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MSC Apex Free Trial

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Why try MSC Apex?


Figure 1

Meshing is long and hard. You probably spend hours using a pre/post processor to fix and mesh geometry. Save your self the time and move through your meshing process faster with MSC Apex.

To illustrate an example, Figure 1 shows a bracket where the CAD to mesh process involved extracting midsurfaces, connecting the midsurfaces, meshing, and attributing it with thickness and offset properties. With a traditional Pre/Post processor, the CAD to Mesh process of this bracket required 5.5 hours. With MSC Apex, the CAD to mesh process required only 24 minutes.

How long is the trial?

The free trial is good for 30 days. The trial period begins once you receive a trial license from MSC Software.

Where can I sign up for the MSC Apex Free Trial?

What are the hardware and OS requirements for MSC Apex?

See this post.

What geometry and other file formats does MSC Apex support?

See this post.

Who can I contact if I have any questions?

You may contact me, Christian Aparicio. See my contact info below.

Expediting the process of TET meshing highly complex solid geometry for FEA

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This presentation discusses common causes that render solid geometry unmeshable and tactics to identify, resolve, and simplify solid geometry for tetrahedral meshing. MSC Apex, a specialized direct modeling and meshing solution, will be demonstrated live and applied to a real world example. Ultimately, the solutions mentioned in this presentation can reduce your tetrahedral meshing process from days to hours.

Meshing solid geometry with tetrahedral elements is a quick way of creating finite element models, but is not without its challenges. In some cases, solid geometry cannot be successfully meshed by the most advanced tetrahedral mesher. In many other cases, a tetrahedral mesh is produced, but is composed of poorly distorted elements that are inadequate for finite element analysis. The reason for many of these challenges has to do with highly complex solid geometry that is essentially in a state not friendly for a tetrahedral mesher. Complexities of solid geometry can include features, small solid faces, short edges, and other details. While many pre/post processors have sophisticated meshing functions, many lack effective geometry modification tools necessary to resolve these complexities so as to make solid geometry more TET mesh friendly.

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Faster Methods of Constructing Finite Element Meshes with MSC Apex

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The process of constructing finite element meshes can often require hours or days to complete. Part of the challenge is that original geometry is in a state not suitable for meshing. The original geometry  must be significantly edited before a mesh can be created. On average, this CAD to FE mesh process can constitute over 60% of the entire FEA workflow.

Existing pre/post processors contain sophisticated meshing functionality, but lack modern geometry editing tools necessary to expedite the meshing process.

MSC Apex is the first in the CAE platform in the industry to feature both direct modeling and meshing technology that has been demonstrated to show performance gains of up to 50x (Click here for benchmark). Below are a collection of presentations for your viewing that cover MSC Apex functionality.

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