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February 2016

10x Faster Meshing and Editing of Solid Geometry for Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

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Many challenges are present when meshing solid geometry: hundreds of features must be removed, geometry discrepancies such as slivers or short edges are present, and meshes must be carefully defined around features. An MSC Software survey revealed 55% of users spend over 30% of their time in the geometry clean-up and meshing stage.

This webinar presents how Direct Modeling and Meshing technology can be used to fix solid geometry, remove unnecessary features, apply specific mesh criteria, and further modify already meshed geometry. Ultimately, the Direct Modeling and Meshing technology will be demonstrated to speed up the meshing process.

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MSC Apex Eagle Highlights

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MSC Apex is the world’s first Computational Parts™ Based CAE system, and the latest MSC Apex Eagle release features a number of additions and enhancements to the existing Modeler and Structures products. Attend this webinar and learn about the newest CAE technology to emerge in MSC Apex and explore how engineers can take advantage of this technology today.

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Using MSC Apex to expedite repairing, editing and meshing geometry for Patran

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The process of constructing a finite element model in any pre/post processor is an elaborate process. One might start with geometry that is full of detail but has to be simplified to state manageable for a finite element analysis. In other instances, solid geometry must be idealized as a midsurface representation. The process may involve removing features unnecessary for analysis, modifying dimensions of geometry, extracting midsurfaces, etc. The process of meshing also requires special consideration and may include defining mesh criteria for features and optimal mesh sizes to use.

This presentation discusses new methods to expedite the process of modifying and meshing geometry within MSC Apex and how geometry and meshes may be moved from MSC Apex to Patran. MSC Apex, a specialized direct modeling and meshing solution, will be demonstrated live and applied to a real world example. Ultimately, existing users of Patran will discover how to leverage MSC Apex technology to expedite meshing workflows.

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