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March 2016

10X Faster Midsurfacing and FEM Creation of Aircraft Interior Thin Structures

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Many challenges are present when meshing solid geometry: hundreds of features must be removed, geometry discrepancies such as slivers or short edges are present, and meshes must be carefully defined around features. An MSC Software survey revealed 55% of users spend over 30% of their time in the geometry clean-up and meshing stage.

This webinar presents how Direct Modeling and Meshing technology can be used to fix solid geometry, remove unnecessary features, apply specific mesh criteria, and further modify already meshed geometry. Ultimately, the Direct Modeling and Meshing technology will be demonstrated to speed up the meshing process.

Watch this webinar to learn about…

Introduction to manual methods of extracting midsurface geometry and closing gaps between free edges

How to best use automatic methods for creating midsurface geometry

Locating issues with midsurface geometry that prevent good quality meshes

New specialized CAE technology for midsurface modeling and meshing

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