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May 2016

Reduce the Time to Learn CAE from Months to One Day: New CAE Technology for Academia

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In the engineering profession, new engineers will face numerous complex and difficult engineering problems throughout their career. Their success is dependent on developing a diverse skillset in academia that will enable them to approach engineering problems in different ways so as to solve them. One skillset in particular, Computer Aided Engineering, is applicable to a large number of engineering problems. If a load bearing structure displaces too much, CAE can be used to determine best methods to improve stiffness. If a part is found to have fractured, CAE may be used to determine ways to mitigate stress concentrations. Unfortunately, many CAE applications available today require new users to spend large amounts of time learning and using before users are proficient enough to leverage CAE.

Attend this webinar and learn of new CAE technology that will significantly reduce months of learning and will support young engineers develop their skillset for the future. A live demonstration of new CAE technology will also be covered.

Watch this webinar to learn about…

Existing challenges in CAE that require students to use and learn for months before they are proficient

How new CAE technology can reduce the learning curve and support students develop their engineering expertise

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