Interactively edit the geometry profile of components

Boundary conditions and connection definitions are maintained as the simulation model is modified

Teach Advanced Structural Analysis Concepts with Ease

Focus on engineering concepts, not software intricacies that often prevent new users from taking advantage of computational engineering methods.

With MSC Apex, simulation models can be created and modified interactively and without the overwhelming user input commonly required in contemporary applications. In addition, simulation models may be evaluated within one application, and each simulation model is processed by an Analysis Readiness check prior to analysis, that guides the user in constructing run ready models.

In addition to being easy to use, MSC Apex is easy to learn. There are hundreds of built in and short video tutorials detailing every function of the application, allowing students to learn outside the classroom. If it is learning within the classroom, a specially developed curriculum kit is available to available to professors without an additional cost.

Access the MSC Apex Curriculum Kit and Incorporate in Existing Engineering Courses

Use an exclusive MSC Apex Curriculum Kit and immediately teach the latest CAE technology in upcoming or current engineering courses.

The MSC Apex Curriculum Kit is ideal for mechanics of materials or strength of materials courses. The kit includes 8 walkthrough examples and assignments, covering:
  • Stress, Strain, and Poisson’s Ratio
  • Stress and Deformation of a Solid Beam
  • Beam Section and Orientation
  • Prismatic Beams
  • Layered Beams
  • Circular Beams in Torsion
  • Pressure Vessel
  • Normal Modes
Each example includes the analytical solution worked out and may be compared with the numerical answer from MSC Apex.

Access Industry Used CAE Technology with Affordability in Mind

Make no compromise. By selecting one of our University Bundles, professors and students will have access to an economical and complete suite of tools to perform strength analysis. The bundle includes MSC Apex and other software technologies capable of performing deformation, stress, and vibration analysis of linear and nonlinear structures. Contact us to learn more about availability and pricing.

Eigenvalue analysis of a frame

Increase the Rate of Research

Leverage the latest structural analysis methods available in CAE and reduce the time necessary to complete research projects. Specifically, use award winning Direct Modeling and Meshing technology to reduce meshing workflows by hours or even days.