MSC Apex® Fossa Release

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MSC Apex transforms the way engineers perform simulation by reducing critical CAE modeling and process time from days to hours.

Rethinking the Simulation Process

Hear, from Dominic Gallello, President and CEO, how innovative technologies behind the MSC Apex platform enable engineers to design and validate products faster.

How Giant Magellan Telescope uses MSC Apex

The team at GMTO is using MSC Apex to help the giant telescope withstand earthquakes in Chile while helping humanity understand the universe.

MSC Apex provides engineers with a generative simulation workflow

Quickly evaluate design performance. Rapidly prepare analysis models and incrementally solve parts and assemblies for faster run times and results visualization.

MSC Apex is the World’s First Computational PartsTM Based CAE System

Share simulation models with supply chain without compromising Intellectual Property (IP). Engage in rapid trade studies.

MSC Apex CAE-Specific Direct Modeling and Meshing

Built-in geometry and meshing designed specifically for the simulation workflow. Import, repair, update, or build geometry while the mesh automatically regenerates in real-time.

MSC Apex Integrated Solver Methods

Interactively and incrementally validate parts and subsystem models to achieve convergence on your first simulation run.

MSC Apex is Easy to Use & Easy to Learn

Immerse yourself in a fun, easy to use environment; a game-like experience that is referred to by engineers as ‘addictive’.

MSC Apex Products

MSC Apex Modeler

CAE-specific direct modeling & meshing solution that streamlines CAD clean-up, simplification & meshing workflow

MSC Apex Structures

A fully-integrated and generative, structural analysis solution for engineers and analysts.

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