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March 2015

MSC Apex Cheetah Release Overview

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MSC Apex is the world’s first Computatonal Parts™ Based CAE system, and the latest MSC Apex Cheetah release features a number of additions and enhancements to the existing Modeler and the new Structures products. Attend this webinar and learn about the newest CAE technology to emerge in MSC Apex and explore how engineers can take advantage of this technology today.

The new MSC Apex Structures product enables you to perform solver validated modeling. In addition, Computational Parts™ and Assembly, Generative Behavior, and Glue technology available in MSC Apex allows you to perform system level analysis including part level incremental assessment.  This presentation will include demonstrations of MSC Apex Structures, and the benefits of the technology will be summarized.

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MSC Apex Used to Reduce Geometry Cleanup of Fuel Pump Components from Two Days to One Hour

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The National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s (NASA’s) Space Launch System (SLS) will be the most powerful rocket in history, launching crews of up to four astronauts in the Orion spacecraft to explore multiple, deep space destinations. The SLS is designed around an evolvable architecture that will support versions ranging from 77-metric-ton (77 ton) to 130 metric ton (143 tons) lift capability. The SLS core stage, more than 200 feet tall with a diameter of 27.6 feet, will store cryogenic liquid hydrogen and oxygen that will feed four RS-25 engines. The RS-25 served as the Space Shuttle main engines and operated with 100% mission success during 135 missions. The RS-25 is being modified to serve on the SLS by increasing its power from 491,000 to 512,000 pounds of vacuum thrust among many other improvements.

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Suppress edges functions used to remove undesirable edges in a single step