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October 2015

From Days to Hours – Rapid Midsurface Meshing and Structural Analysis to Reduce Workflows

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In finite element analysis, solid geometry of thin structures is commonly idealized as 2D midsurfaces and meshes, but the process is highly elaborate and time consuming. In addition, performing a structural analysis via the Finite Element (FE) method is also a long process often requiring numerous functions, inputs and clicks in existing pre/post processors.

This webinar will briefly discuss streamlined methods to expedite the midsurface creation process. A majority of the presentation will be devoted to how MSC Apex can be used rapidly configure midsurface meshes and perform a structural analysis via the FE method. The webinar will also showcase the integration of solid and shell elements via MSC Apex “glue” technology to quickly integrate a “bulky” solid section into an existing midsurface mesh.

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10x Faster Midsurface Modeling and Meshing for Automotive Trim Components

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The process of creating midsurface geometry and finite element meshes of automotive trim components such as head liners, consoles, and door trims can require extracting dozens of planar and curved midsurfaces, adjoining specific free edges, meshing, and more. Unfortunately with existing finite element pre/post processors, the process can require multiple days to complete.

This presentation discusses optimal methods and CAE software available to reduce the time needed to create midsurface models and meshes. The topics discussed can expedite the process up to 10x. A live demonstration will be performed on an automotive interior console and will be used to highlight the time savings gained from implementing the concepts and CAE technology discussed in this presentation. The use of MSC Apex will be highlighted throughout this presentation.

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Midsurface Extraction and Meshing of Thin Structures – 10x faster with MSC Apex

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A common practice for finite element analysis of thin structures involves abstraction of 3D solid geometry into 2D midsurface representations. The midsurface representation is then meshed with 2D elements such as shell, membrane or plate finite elements. While the midsurface method for thin structures has been used for a long time, existing methods and software requires users to devote hours or days to the process. As thin structures grow increasingly complex, i.e. varying thicknesses and steps, multiple stiffening webs, features, etc., analysts are devoting increasingly more time to constructing midsurface models and less time on engineering analysis.

This webinar presents the latest methods for expediting the process of midsurface model creation and meshing. The midsurface methods mentioned in the webinar will be demonstrated live with the use of MSC Apex.

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